Institute Très Bien

There are stories that are born one day to blossom only later. There are passions that play with time, are transmitted and come together. Thus begins the story of a brand, the story of a passion.

Collection : Institute Très Bien


Fragrance: Très Russe

Eau de parfum: Cologne to the Russian, Cologne to Italian and Cologne to the French

Scented Candles: Tradition Amber, Tradition Wood and Tradition Leather

Indoor sprays: Tradition Amber, Tradition Wood and Tradition Leather

Why do we like?

The brand is in the wake of traditional French perfumery of the early twentieth century and offers its products on a background of elegance and sobriety. Each element is the subject of meticulous research in quality and preciousness: rare natural essences, sober bottles, custom-made boxes and opening like caskets, decorated black caps, …
In this spirit, the Institut Très Bien creations compose a luxurious and refined universe, reminiscent of this wonderful time when perfume was a rare and exceptional gesture. Compositions with a sophistication by simplicity: the choice of beautiful materials, the emotion of “handmade” and a strong personality, aiming to recreate a particular olfactory emotion.
The Institut Très Bien spirit also means giving as much time to the development of the perfume as to the object itself, in order to constantly push back the limits of excellence.

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